Investment Philosophy

How I Think About Investing

Over the course of my career, I have worked in New York, London and Geneva, traveled three continents to source investments and advised governments, institutions and private investors on how to use tactical trading and hedge fund strategies to improve portfolio performance.

I learned that successful investing requires imagination, foresight and self-awareness. It also requires acknowledging that losses psychologically weigh heavier than gains. Therefore, my philosophy can be stated as follows: “it’s insufficient to merely pick a destination, you must also manage the journey in order to get there”.


How I Apply It

This philosophy guides my investing principles which are focused on dynamically adapting to the environment, incorporating protective assets to limit downside and adhering to sensible risk limits that mitigate extreme loss.

I believe my approach is distinctive because I rely less on conventional definitions of risk such as ‘standard deviation’. There is very little that is ‘standard’ about stock market returns and I desire plentiful ‘deviation’ as long as it travels in the right direction. For me, return asymmetry matters far more.

Therefore, I prefer to focus on upside and downside return potential. My overall investment process reflects this by establishing specific portfolio roles for each investment and constantly updating my confidence in each investment’s ability to deliver value for that role.